• 6 Weeks
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching
  • Workbook & Resources
  • One-on-One with Sarah Wells
  • Supportive Community
  • & More!
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In this program, we'll walk you through...

The 3 Pillars that are the foundation of Leadership Launch: Build, Share, & Impact.

How to launch a beta version of your program by the end of the course.

A framework to design and build your course content that is uniquely yours.

A system for designing action plans that create momentum and are easily repeatable.

How to build support, utilize your network, and speak about your program with confidence and conviction.

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Hi! My name is Sarah Wells!

I'm an Olympic athlete and course creator who has a passion for helping entrepreneurs and early-stage course creators who want to make an impact. I teach them how to clarify their goals, create an action plan, design their product so it’s unique and valuable, and then help them build support to gather their first clients. Everyone leaves with a fully designed program ready to launch, so that you can start creating massive impact today!


Over 6 weeks we dive into the foundations you need to build your course


Perfect Fit & Share Your Story

Know how to position your idea and articulate your offer with clarity and conviction.


Creating Momentum

Learn a system to both build and apply resilience in moments of adversity, coupled with a process for focusing on the element of your business that will have the greatest outcome for you and your client.


Productize Offer & Produce Results

Learn how to productize your intellectual property, so that you can charge more for your offer and create massive and predictable results.


Gather Support

Learn how to leverage your network to fill your program.


Marketing & Master Delivery

Marketing - the tools you need to create trust and credibility so that you can bring in the leads you want.


Organization & Create Results

The Launch Essentials - manage your time to create results, coupled with creating your contextual model.

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What past clients have said:

"Walking away from this course, I realize how much value I have to offer! As a perfectionist, I often feel things aren’t ready YET and require additional expertise, but you’ve shown me there’s a lot of value that lies within ourselves and we just need to unlock it."

- Sabina (USANA)

"Going through the Leadership Launch was an incredible experience for me. I was given all the tools I needed to not only launch my program, but to also have professional marketing and sales systems in place in just a few weeks. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who feels stuck and wants to launch their own program!"

- Stefano (YTeach App COO & Powerhouse Mentoring Founder)

"I think the content has been one of the best experiences I’ve had with group coaching programs. To have someone put so much effort into helping you achieve your goals is very helpful and very touching."

- Denny (Shift Two Co. Founder)